From the moment I walked into the front hall I knew it was love.


Rustic wooden floorboards throughout, high ceilings and a kitchen most budding bloggers would kill for.


I was so overjoyed at how cute the property was I forgot to even look at the bathroom. So one excited call later to my partner and with a burning red face I walked back into the open and exclaimed “this house is so cute it’s got me all frazzled!”


The smell of a chocolate cake that had been baked in the vintage stove wafted through the air and I felt like if I was offered a cuppa at that point I would of sat down out the back porch and never left.


Completely at home from the get go and then much to my delight 3 days later it was our home.

This new house is going to be my next big project. Be prepared fellow WordPress’s I am going to blow your mind!

Please keep watch for my DIY new abode projects! From the 7th of September onwards.

Nighty night don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Betty x